Maximize the Full Power of Our Microgrid Management System

Our proven microgrid automated control and management system is the “brain” that connects, secures, and intelligently manages all your onsite assets for reliable and cost-effective power.

Operation Resiliency

OATI GridMind™ orchestrates smooth transition to islanding condition and back to the grid in reaction to prevailing conditions.

Optimization Strategies

OATI GridMind™ allows the microgrid to maximize its economic value, and minimize its environmental impact.

Situational Awareness

OATI GridMind™ provides onsite and remote operators with full system observability and flexibility to actively manage microgrid operations.

Benefits-Driven Microgrid Management System

The OATI GridMind microgrid control system is the
“brain” of the microgrid. It ensures resiliency while maintaining power quality at the point of common coupling with the utility and energy market.

Built to meet the sophisticated and varying needs of microgrids, OATI GridMind has the capability to integrate existing power assets, as well as optimize and prioritize both load and on-site generation assets.

The most important responsibility of OATI GridMind is to manage the different microgrid modes of operation while ensuring uninterruptible power supply to mission critical functions.

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