Microgrid Design Made Simple

Our Microgrid Development Process Makes It Easy

Microgrid design is made simple when you work with USA Microgrids. We can provide turnkey services for microgrid development at any phase of your project, with experts to help you determine which services are right for your business objectives.

Pre-Feasibility Assessment

USA Microgrids assess the goals and objectives for your
business such as energy costs, resiliency and reliability needs, and green initiatives, helping you determine if a microgrid is right for your site.

Our experts will review your site, interview stakeholders, and perform an analysis of your energy use. We will use this information to assess your options for a microgrid.

Feasibility Study and Technical Analysis

A Feasibility Study includes an in-depth review of the facility’s energy needs, site conditions, microgrid objectives, permitting and regulatory issues, and other factors that can impact the project. Experts propose technical design options such as types of generation equipment, control systems, and energy efficiency measures to optimize your microgrid.

The Feasibility Study produces a document with a financial model, 30% design drawings, and an in-depth report of existing constraints and challenges to ensure viability for your project.

Microgrid Design

USA Microgrids provides specialized microgrid design services including fully engineered specifications and drawings, a microgrid control system, and sequence of operations. The USA Microgrids engineering team will work closely with your existing engineering and/or EPC team.

Every microgrid project is unique. USA Microgrids collaborates with the full design team to ensure your microgrid is successful.

Microgrid Build and Construction

USA Microgrids has extensive experience in all aspects in the microgrid construction process.

We can serve as the project developer on behalf of the site owner, making construction effortless. USA Microgrids can also support the project by providing specialized microgrid expertise, performing construction oversight, testing and commissioning services, and other aspects of microgrid construction.

Own, Operate and Maintain

We can accommodate all types of ownership from USA
Microgrid-owned to the utilization of a third-party financier.

Regardless of the ownership model, USA Microgrids’ System Operations Center (SOC) is available to monitor and operate microgrids to ensure they work appropriately.

Utility Coordination and Revenue

USA Microgrids can work with your Utility to determine if your Microgrid assets can provide needed utility services. This might include Utility services such as frequency response support, regulation service, or capacity. In return for these services you may be eligible for compensation or reimbursement.

USA Microgrids coordinates with your Utility to determine the potential of your microgrid.

We Are Here to Help

Our microgrid experts are here to help empower your energy.